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About meset to the minimum sub price!! Feel free to send me a message but the only way to guarantee my response and attention is through there! if any of you are in the area you should hit me up! If you browse through my profile you see I have lots of threesome playdates for MFF and FF contentI would love to meet some more of you! The kinkier the better My absolute favorite thing in the BDSM community is bondage Many people within the community have a shared satisfaction in the mental and emotional freedom that the physical restraint provides I personally am fascinated by the different sensations that each bondage medium creates Cotton rope hemp rope leather straps zip ties metal chains etc all incite unique emotions and intentions between partners I love it aesthetically too! It is an artform Its free flowing and ever changing state is one of the most beautiful things to express and create with or to simply be wrapped up inRight now? I am having a lot of fun meeting new female friends and helping them experiment with kinks theyve only ever fantasized about I make a lot of videos with them too for my own personal satisfactionand potentially for yours too And if you want to get to know meThen shoot me a message! I am trying to grow my following as fast as possible and integrate more thoroughly into the kink community Plus soon Ill have more socials up for you to follow if you want to see more of me! Stay tuned!Intelligence and respect are very important playing with intimacy and kinks is a privilege earned by the right kinds of peopleIf you like my content and want to see me make more of it I would love your support! I was thinking Id start a wishlist of various kink items so that any help you give meis something you immediately get to see in or on me And one last thingIf you have any kinks or dirty things you want to see a hot girl do or maybe several hot girls send me a DM with a proposition! I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping architect fun BDSM scenarios with my extra girlfriends and weve made lots of guys and girls very happy with some lovely videos

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