Age 21 years

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About meHey, welcome to my peachy worldMy booty is a fetish nowThank you Fatc0ck for making it a fetish!ImportantI dont accept blind friend requests so if we havent interacted on here just follow me.Dont be mad when I dont respond to messages. I dont have infinite time but I do have what feels like infinite messages.I enjoy taking lewd pics mainly of my ass and posting them online. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy taking them. I also started to write erotica fantasy but also real stories and I hope youll like my work.Im in college and Im using my time to enjoy as much as I can and what I enjoy the most is being slutty all the time and shaking my ass preferably on a big dick.A nympho and insatiable so beware. You might think youre done with me but Ill want moreIm bi AF so you might catch me drooling over a juicy ass just as likely as over a big dick yes, I am a size queen.Im mostly submissive but with girls I am more flexible and sometimes I find myself being dominant.Dont be shy away from sending me a message if you think wed vibe primarily friendship. That being said its possible I might miss your message because theres a lot of them

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