Age 25 years

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About meThe siren A meanie redhead switch with glittery toys Usually found causing mischief and cruelty at KV, spinning around a pole, or in a dungeon somewhere Happily poly amp partnered. Open to dating various kinky dynamics and activities
I have many personas, and I like to shapeshift The kink scene has been my home for some time now, and Ive had the pleasure of making my friends and family here Vanilla me loves music festivals, crafting, paganism, ariel hoop, and sparkly things Wishlist My hair is a fetish Chronic illness hEDS, PoTS, ME, and MCAS are a massive part of my daytoday life. I write about them, and I have set up groups to support others affected by them
PoTS group
Mast cell group Kinky things I love about my disabilitiesYou dont have to love your bodyNotices You dont have permission to use my content anywhere visual, written, or otherwise
If you see an account on here or elsewhere using my photos, please let me know. The only other platform I use is Feeld under the name Polysiren
I only accept friend requests from people I know otherwise, you can follow me
I dont vouch for anyone that Im friends with on here please get in touch with me directly to ask about someone and let me know if you see me interacting with someone you have a concern about

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