Age 21 years

Tags #altpornawards#bunny#xxx

About meCoIm new here but so far love it Ive kinda repressed who I am all my life but its amazing having an outlet I guess Ive come to realize Im a slut Its been so hard admitting im one emotionally and mentally Ive felt bad about being one all my life so I was shocked to see its ok to be one on here Its been really hard on me emotionally realizing it and I still deny and fight it sometimes I also like degradation and humiliation a lotIm a college student and cheerleader and fitness model! I have waaaaay better pics but Im trying to not show my face to the world but im happy to show you lots more! I like guys and girls _ Im open to talking and hanging out and having fun with anyone Hookups too! Really looking for older guys to hookup with but Im open to making friends and having fun and exploring with anyone! Im discovering and trying to figure myself outSong thats sooo me Im fucked up Im black and blueIm built for it all the abuseI got secrets that nobody nobody knowsIm good on that pussy shitI dont want what I can getI want someone with secretsThat nobody nobody nobody knowsMy freakness is on the looseAnd running all overBy kehlani Gangsta

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