Age 23 years

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About meHelp me with nursing school? I will reply to all messages. Hugs and kisses to anyone taking the time to check out my profile and getting to know me a little bit better ....Im a Canadian nursing student that grew up in a religious closedminded Muslim household which has played a big part in why Im the kinky slut I am today. Its definitely true when they say that strict parents cause sneaky children Im a bubbly, sexual, mature girl wise beyond her years that loves to give off good energy and make people laugh. About 6 years ago, I dove into the world of spirituality, yoga and meditation which has brought such positivity into my life and enhanced my wellbeing. I also enjoy eating healthy food, working out, cooking, music, travelling, motorcycling, the outdoors, scuba diving, reading, camping, 420, dancing, sunbathing, hiking, and relaxing at home.Kinky meI identify as a submissive slut. Ive always had a thing for men who are authentically dominant and have a primal nature to them. I enjoy being manhandled and overpowered. Super into CNC and love feeling helpless. Getting manhandled and my 3 holes thoroughly fucked gets me soaking wet. I love playing with women especially fellow submissive as well! My massive fetish list down below can tell you allllll of the dirty things I enjoy........P.S. I have thousands of messages in my inbox so Im unable to reply to them. If Im unable to respond to a sweet message then I apologize but thanks for showing love. If you would like a guaranteed message back from me, please contact me here.

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